About Paraclete Healing Ministry

I have been serving in full time ministry for over 45 years in different capacities as evangelist, pastor, specialized ministry in a crisis pregnancy center and post abortion personal healing ministry. Throughout all those years I have experienced a most productive ministry with one on one intervention with the Holy Spirit as the lead Counselor. I do not say that with any presumption to know all He knows. I follow His lead and He brings out those things He wants to deal with in each life.

Early in my ministry life I became dissatisfied with dealing with people's serious life controlling issues by just talk or reason. It felt like putting a band aid on cancer that was eating their victims into self destruction. I was led to Genesis and in particular the life of Joseph starting at chapter 37. This story is not so much about how wonderful Joseph was but how he would be used by God to become a healing agent that would save his family from self destruction. Go to the video link of this teaching "Joseph a Healing Agent".

I was desperate for an answer for my wife's dysfunction because she was the victim of sexual abuse. In my prayers and search for an answer for her pain from the past God led me to the Word of God and the life of Joseph and that began a journey of healing and deliverance that involved confronting the past and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus in those horrific scenes. As a result, she was able to later confront the perpetrator and forgive him which transformed her into a loving and responsive mate who could love me without the shadows of the past to haunt her. We were married for 45 wonderful years with 4 beautiful daughters and 10 grandchildren before she lost her battle with cancer and past away in February of 2017.

Now I am semi retired and if I never preach another sermon or have no other forum or platform of ministry, I will live a full life of amazing experiences seeing the Holy Spirit change lives to be free to live and free to love.

Pastor Jeff Mantz

Pastor Jeff Mantz